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Fat freezing pricing

Fat freezing treatment is priced by the amount of applicators used in the session.

Single applicator treatments:

  • 1 applicator (body): £110
  • 1 chin applicator: £90

Multiple applicators (in 1 session):

  • 2 applicators: £175
  • 3 applicators: £240
  • 4 applicators: £295
  • 6 applicators: £425
  • 8 applicators: £510


Special offer celebrating our opening

To celebrate our new Leeds clinic we are offering a temporary promotion which will run until August 31st.

Our opening offer

  • Fat freezing treatment with 2 applicators for just £100, down from £175
  • Fat freezing treatment with 4 applicators for just £200, down from £295

How to book

Go to our booking form as normal and select either 2 or 4 applicators. Go through the booking steps until you reach the payment page. Here you can add the coupon code: OPENING_OFFER and click “Add”.


Number of applicators

Here is an indication of the amount of applicators may be needed for your treatment. For your booking we ask you to guess the maximum amount of applicators you may need for your treatment. You can then adjust this amount on the day of treatment.

The amount may differ on certain areas where the client has a larger area to treat. For example, someone with extra large thighs may require 2 applicators on each side.

Please note: the prices are correct if only that treatment is booked. If you treat multiple areas you enjoy the multiple applicator price reduction as detailed above. For example, if you treat the upper arms (2 applicators) and the bra bulges (2 applicators), the price is £295, not £175 + £175.

Possible treatment areasLikely number of applicatorsPrice
Upper arms (bingo wings)2£175
Bra bulges2£175
Male chest (moobs)2£175
Stomach1 to 4£110 to £295
Mons pubis1£110
Outer thighs2£175
Inner thighs2£175
Inner knees2£175


Booking applicators

As previously mentioned, if you are unsure of the amount of applicators you wish to book for, you can book in the highest number of applicators you may need and make a decision on the day of treatment. If you would like more guidance then you can also book a free phone consultation.


Consultations are optional. You do not need to have a consultation prior to treatment as a consultation will be carried out at the start of your appointment. Phone consultations are free and can be booked through the easy to use booking form. You can also make an appointment for an in-person consultation by contacting us through the contact form.

Referral programme

If you are an existing client and you refer a friend or family member for treatment you get £25 off your next appointment. Once your referral has had treatment and mentioned your name a £25 credit note will be added to your file.

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