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Fat Mons Pubis

Non-surgical mons pubis fat reduction treatment

At Aphrody Body Clinics, we offer fat freezing treatment specifically for the reduction of fat in the mons pubis area.

Our specialised treatment is available to both men and women and helps to permanently reduce the amount of fat stored in this area.

We welcome clients of any size for this treatment. However, it is important to note that fat freezing is most effective for those who are either maintaining or losing weight. With further weight gain, the remaining fat cells in the area can still accumulate additional fat, which may result in less significant outcomes.

How to book online

Book your mons pubis fat reduction treatment through the booking form below. You will need 1 applicator for this treatment. You can book more applicators if you wish to treat more areas in the same appointment.

Mons pubis at freezing: £110

How it works

How we can reduce the size of the mons pubis

We achieve permanent fat reduction by freezing the localised fat cells, triggering a natural process called apoptosis, also known as programmed cell death. The fat cells die, break down, and the body naturally eliminates them from the area.

Since our body doesn’t regenerate or replace these reduced fat cells, the results are permanent.

How many fat freezing appointments are needed

The number of appointments needed depends on the original size of the area and your goals. While fat freezing treatment can produce amazing fat reduction results after a single treatment, many people will likely require 2 to 3 treatments.

To allow each treatment to work fully, it is important that appointments on the same treatment area are spaced at least 6 weeks apart.

Treatment applicators

People can have significantly different sizes of the mons pubis area. For some, the area simply elevates and shows in swimwear and tight clothing. For others, the area enlarges further, causing an apron effect. Due to these significant size differences, we have different fat freezing applicators and fits, enabling us to provide treatment regardless of the severity of the enlargement.

  • The small fit applicator
  • The flat fit large applicator
  • The round fit large applicator

Specialist mini fat freezing applicator

Small fit precision

Flat fit fat freezing applicator

Flat fit large

Round fit fat freezing applicators

Round fit large

The mons pubis fat freezing treatment

Treatment times

For the mons pubis treatment, we use one applicator, which takes 45 minutes. Before beginning the treatment, we conduct a consultation with you, so please allow approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes for your total appointment.

You can also combine the mons pubis treatment with treatments for other areas of the body at the same time. This could include any other treatment areas, but often our clients combine this treatment with applicators for the stomach, flanks, or thighs.

If you opt for a combination and treat multiple areas at once, your treatment will take longer. For an appointment using up to four applicators, the treatment will generally take 90 minutes but may take longer depending on the complexity of the areas being treated.


There is always a chance of discomfort during the treatment, which can be caused by the suction of the applicator and the low temperatures used.

For most clients, any discomfort is only felt during the first few minutes when the applicator is first placed and the treatment area is cooled down. After this initial period, the area often becomes numb, allowing clients to rest, sleep, or spend time on their phone. Once the treatment is completed and the applicators are removed, clients typically feel relief.

Most clients do not feel any significant discomfort following the treatment, and day-to-day activities, including going to the gym, can be resumed immediately.

fat freezing mons pubis reduction Leeds

Following treatment

Side effects

As with all treatments, there is a risk of side effects following fat freezing. Most commonly, the treated area will be sensitive for a few days and may be bruised. Immediately following the treatment, the area typically appears bright red, but this generally subsides within hours. More serious side effects are very rare.


Following aftercare advice helps to increase the speed in which you see the results of fat freezing treatments.

Post-treatment, it’s important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, which helps your body flush out the destroyed fat cells. Gently massaging the area for a few minutes each day can enhance the fat reduction process and improve circulation. Additionally, maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise routine will support long-term results and overall well-being.