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Fat Freezing Applicators

Fat freezing treatment involves placing applicators on targeted areas of the body to reduce stubborn fat. We can use between 1 and 4 applicators simultaneously, with a maximum of 8 applicators used per appointment.

Pricing for fat freezing is always calculated per applicator, and not per area.

At Aphrody Body Clinics body fat freezing sessions are priced as follows:

  • 1 applicator: £110,-
  • 2 applicators: £175,-
  • 3 applicators: £240,-
  • 4 applicators: £295,-
  • 6 applicators: £425,-
  • 8 applicators: £510,-

360 applicators at Aphrody

Fat freezing applicators differ depending on the machine used. At Aphrody Body Clinics we provide all treatments with premium Sculpt Pro Cryo Quattro equipment. The 360 fat freezing applicators allow for more efficient treatment and the elimination of up to 50% more fat cells.
360 fat freezing applicators


What a fat freezing applicator looks like

There are different applicator fits. We use the medium fit for areas such as the stomach and flanks, while we use the flat applicator for the arms, thighs and calves.

In addition to these standard size applicators we also offer treatment with a precise fit applicator.

Precise fit applicator

The precise fit applicator is suitable for areas that are too small for a standard size medium or flat applicator.

This smaller sized applicator can be used for treatments on the chin, stubborn pockets of fat around the knee and on the mons pubis region.

Specialist mini fat freezing applicator

How many fat freezing applicators you need

Estimating the number of applicators you’ll need before your first appointment can be challenging.

Please book the number of fat freezing applicators you believe will be suitable for you. During your appointment, we can adjust the number of applicators if you decide to change your mind after the consultation.

Here are some tips to help you decide how many fat freezing applicators might be right for you.

Treatment of inner thighs

For both inner thighs, you’ll need 2 applicators. If you are taller or the area is larger, we may use 2 applicators per thigh, so 4 in total.

Treatment of inner and outer thighs

For combined inner and outer thigh treatment, you’ll need a total of 4 applicators – 2 for the inner thighs and 2 for the outer thighs.

Treatment of upper arms (bingo wings)

Each upper arm requires 1 applicator, so you’ll need to book 2 applicators for both arms.

Treatment of the abdomen

The number of applicators needed for the abdomen varies based on your size, weight distribution, and goals.

  • If you are thin with a small bulge in the middle, 1 applicator is sufficient.
  • For those carrying fat higher in the middle of the stomach, we can stack 2 applicators vertically
  • To address a “roll” around the belly button, 2 applicators side by side may be ideal.
  • For a more comprehensive approach, 4 applicators can be used: 2 in the middle stacked vertically, plus 2 more on the sides targeting the “love handles” (a common choice for both men and women).
  • A larger stomach can fit 8 applicators, placed in 2 rounds of 4. Treatment can be carried out on larger people, but only when they are on an ongoing weight loss journey.

Other areas

  • For the lower back flanks (love handles) we use 2 applicators  (1 on each side)
  • For the bra bulges on the upper back, or the middle back on males, we use 2 applicators  (1 on each side)
  • For the calves we use 2 applicators (1 on each side)
  • For the chin we use 1 applicator, this is a specialist precise fit applicator
  • For the mons pubis we use 1 applicator. However, this treatment can be combined with a stomach treatment with additional applicators.
  • If one side of the body has a significantly larger area you may wish 1 applicator only, and not opt for an applicator on the opposite side of the body

Each body is unique. We customise treatments and placements to fit your individual shape and goals.

Treating Different Areas Simultaneously

We can target multiple body areas in a single session, such as the arms and stomach.

The duration of your appointment will depend on the number of fat freezing applicators we use and how many we can apply simultaneously. In most cases we can apply up to 4 fat freezing applicators at the same time. A standard appointment with up to 4 applicators will take approximately 90 minutes.

Sometimes we have to apply applicators over 2 rounds of treatments, specifically where we apply between 5 and 8 applicators or where we are treating the front and the back in the same appointment. Where we go through 2 rounds of treatments in the same appointment, the appointment will last approximately 2 to 3 hours.