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Fat Freezing Manchester

How to find FFM

Fat Freezing Manchester (FFM) is the name of our sister clinic in Manchester, and can be found at the address below.

Based inside: My Beauty Enhanced

1 Massie Street,

SK8 1BW, Cheadle

Over the past two years, Fat Freezing Manchester has established itself as a trusted provider of non-invasive fat reduction treatments. The clinic has successfully treated many male and female clients, earning a strong reputation in the area for its effective and safe procedures.

Services offered at Fat Freezing Manchester

At Fat Freezing Manchester only the most established non-invasive body contouring services are offered, including:

  • Fat freezing treatment with the Sculpt Pro Cryo Quattro
  • Ultrasound cavitation and radiofrequency body and skin tightening with the Zemits Abigon Pro
  • HI-EMT muscle sculpting treatment with the NEO EMSzero

Due to the potential for minor to serious side effects and the lack of sufficient research on their safety and efficacy, neither our Leeds clinic nor the sister clinic in Manchester offer any form of fat loss injections.

For full information about Fat Freezing Manchester visit the website!

Treatment pricing

The prices for fat freezing treatments are the same in both Leeds and Manchester.

Fat freezing

  • 1 applicator: £110
  • 2 applicators: £175
  • 3 applicators: £240
  • 4 applicators: £295
  • 6 applicators: £425
  • 8 applicators: £510

Not sure how many applicators you need? Don’t worry, appointments are always flexible. Simply book for the maximum amount of applicators you need, as you can change the number of applicators at your appointment.

You can also follow this link to learn more about what an applicator is.

At the Manchester clinic you can further opt for:

Ultrasound cavitation with radiofrequency skin tightening

  • 1 hour session: £80
  • Extended session: £110
  • Course of 6 standard sessions: £400
  • Course of 6 extended sessions: £500

HI-EMT muscle stimulation

  • 1 session with 1 paddle: £65
  • 1 session with 2 paddles: £80
  • 6 sessions with 1 paddle: £360
  • 6 sessions with 2 paddles: £400

Combination treatment including ultrasound cavitation with radiofrequency and HI-EMT

  • 1 standard session: £140
  • 1 extended session: £170
  • 6 standard sessions: £700
  • 6 extended sessions: £800

FFM allows for online bookings of all its services. View the services and calendar availability through the button below.

Bookings for our Leeds clinic can be made here.